The Alberti Group of Pianists - Our History so Far

The group started around 1983 as regular piano class for adults at
the Manchester Adult College. It was a weekly class during term time
with a tutor - Martin Bussey who subsequently moved to Chethams.

About 1986 the college underwent reorganisation of its syllabuses,
apparently to make them fit better with the current social model ,
and the piano class was eliminated despite it being well attended.
The members of the class then decided to " go it alone " and, after
hiring a hall for a year within the college but without any tuition, found
 premises in the studio of the then "Manchester School
of Music" in Albert Square, Manchester. Initially the class was conducted
on the same lines as it had been in the past but without a regular
tutor.The practice grew of simply taking each meeting as an opportunity
for pianists to play to each other and talk about it rather than to
see it as a "lesson" or "tutorial".
Up to about 1990 the group did not give itself a name, but then the
outlook from the studio directly into Albert Square combined with
the well known association with the "Alberti Bass" prompted a name
for the group which has stuck ever since.
Around 1994 the Manchester School of Music underwent change of ownership
and moved away from Albert Square into premises within the " Friends
Meeting House" fairly nearby. Again there was a studio and a grand
piano, but the sound proofing was less than perfect. However the Alberti
Group continued gaining some new members and losing some old ones.
During 2000 the frequency of meetings was changed to fortnightly
which proved to be a good move that seems to have been popular with
the members.
And in 2000 the Manchester School of Music decided to move out of
the Friends Meeting House leaving the Alberti Group again looking
for premises. This time Margaret Pollit saved the day by locating
premises at the Unitarian Chapel in Cross St which proved to be an
ideal meeting place, with a far superior instrument to play on, and
use of tea room facilities for post meeting chat.
The Alberti Group has had the basic minimum of formal organisation.
Initially there was a Chairperson, Secretary and Treasurer. Currently
the Secretary Joan Pearson, and the Treasurer, Andy Jowett, carry
out the formal business required for arranging meetings and organising